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Pizza Hut online order

What you need to know about Pizza Hut's pizza delivery

  • Pizza Hut has been operating for over 50 years.
  • Pizza Hut now has around 13,000 restaurants across the world and has become the pizza specialist with the online pizza order in India.
  • Pizzas home delivered by Pizza Hut are always of high quality and freshness.
  • Today Pizza Hut menu offers much more than pizza delivery online, from freshly sauted pastas and delicious appetizers to desserts & sides, it has a wide range of choices, all available for you to feast on.
  • The legendary Pan Pizza made Pizza Hut India famous.
  • The restaurant has expanded its menu to include brand new pizza creations such as the thin-crust Italian Style, The Cheezy Crust with tasty cheese baked in the crust and many mouthwatering pasta dishes. To find exactly the one you like, just check the Pizza Hut delivery menu on foodpanda and you can enjoy the fast pizza home delivery in India.



See how easily you can order pizza delivery online

  1. From home or the office you will be able to order pizza online from your smartphone or your laptop
  2. Pizza is the perfect food for any occasion: lunch break with colleagues, romantic movie evening or football afternoon with friends, there will always a good instance to order pizza online in India.
  3. Anytime you are keen on eating some Italian food like the well known Pasta, different varieties of Pizza or desserts, Pizza's Hut's menu has got them all.
  4. What's on the menu? Non-vegetarians will appreciate a Chicken Italia pizza or Pepperoni Pizza. If you are a vegetarian, you can order veg pizzas like Tandoori Paneer and Panneer Makhani.
  5. If you love your pizza with lots of cheese, then order a Margarita pizza.
  6. Another interesting pizza on Pizza Hut's menu is El Mexicano Chicken Nacho which is prepared with fresh dough baked with Cheesy Jalapeno sauce and toppings include: Corn, Onion, Tomato, Jalapeno, Red Paprika and Mexican Chicken, topped with Coriander and Nachos!

Pizza Hut India is always close to you, make sure you always use the service to check out the best Pizza Hut offers to have them delivered right to your doorsteps in no time with foodpanda.

Pizza Hut Nutrition facts

Have you ever wondered how nutritious could be the different types of pizza? A normal sized Pizza Hut is around 190 calories and 700 depending on the size, topings and the type of crust is used. Surely you love pizza and you know that is not about calories, is about enjoying a good taste sorrounded by good times. Although we are aware that sometimes we have to make small sacrifices for ourselves or even friends that are looking for something lighter to eat. If you end up in this page and your are looking for something different, healthier, then we provide you other options like tasty salads and sandwiches , also you can find a big variety of places to order all types of pasta dishes. Ofcourse the Ice-cream is a plus, since summer is right around the corner we wanted you to at least know that you are able to also order it online from many nice restaurants. Always we will try to provide you a wide range of assortments for you to make your mind quickly and enjoy your food in no time. Just click and Enjoy!

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