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Pizza Hut Delivery (Sec - 4, Gurgaon) Info


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Limited area of delivery subject to prevailing conditions. Expected delivery time may vary and will be communicated for each order separately. Maximum PHD liability is Rs.500. Hot Delivery Promise applicable at first barrier point (security guard/reception etc). Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

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SCF No. 37, Huda Market, Gurgaon

pizza hut delivery gurgaon sector 4

As one of the most popular fast food restaurants in the world, you can be sure of a truly pleasant dining experience whenever you walk through the doors of Pizza Hut. This fabulous restaurant has built an outstanding reputation with their wood fired, thin crusted pizzas which are bursting with that special flavour the world has come to adore. Regardless of your taste, you will surely find something lurking within the Pizza Hut menu that will satisfy your appetite with flair and integrity. The So Cheese pizza is especially popular with vegetarians, however the powerful flavour will ignite the appreciation of almost anyone. Choose from chicken, pork, beef or seafood and add a range of vegetables according to your preference. You can choose from a variety of world flavours and a number of specials can be enjoyed at rockbottom prices! Pizza Hut delivery in Gurgaon sector 4 is the ideal option if you're in a bit of a lazy mood and what's more, its completely free of charge. You can order as much as you like when you choosing Pizza Hut home delivery Gurgaon so don't be afraid to splash out. After all, the delivery men have very big cars and can handle a significant workload! Pizza hut delivery in Gurgaon sector 4 is available for 12 hours a day between 11am and 11pm and by choosing Foodpanda to take care of this process, you will eliminate any need to contact the restaurant yourself.

How to order Pizza Hut delivery in Gurgaon sector 4

We have made this process as simple and convenient as possible so when you choose Pizza Hut home delivery Gurgaon, remember that Foodpanda will always be one step ahead! We will aim to deliver your food box fresh within just over half an hour, giving you just enough time to work up a healthy appetite. Although you can use a computer to order Pizza Hut delivery in Gurgaon sector 4, our fantastic foodpanda app can also be downloaded to your Smartphone or Android. However because we are internet based, you won't even need to make any phone calls to us or the restaurant. Simply share your current address with us and choose the dishes you crave the most, pay for your order and then put your feet up for half an hour. Our service comes highly recommended and that is because we treat every one of our customers with the respect and warmth they deserve, after all, it is you that keeps us in business! We will always aim to beat the delivery time stated on our web site and guarantee a delightful service complimented with a smile. We also accept numerous forms of payment so don't be fooled into thinking you will need a credit card. Although we do accept several brands including visa and mastercard, we are also open to Paypal transactions.

Reviews of Pizza Hut Delivery (Sec - 4, Gurgaon)

  • Very good

  • But I was not able to use first order coupon for this order as they donot except online payments. Otherwise it was good!

  • My order amount was Rs. 258 but delivery guy took Rs. 260 why such difference.
    Sometimes I have to quarrel with guy.
    I think there is lack of proper communication between foodpanda and pizza hut.
    You need to improve that.

  • Keep improving food quality and service in present day of competition.

  • Good and delivered on time

  • Easy order process. Quick Delivery

  • I ordered a stuffed crust pizza but was dissatisfied because the crust was not properly stuffed. I'd rather go for dominos chees burst instead.

  • It was awesome definitely would try it again.Thanks

  • Ordered a Pizza quite late in the night through Food Panda... but the delivery was prompt and that too on a rainy day when most of the streets were water logged. Great service.... Keep up the good work. Thanks to Food Panda for introducing this 1+1 offer.

  • Reduced cold drink from my online order. I ordered pizza and cold drink while only pizza came.

  • As expected PHD delivered Amazing food. Buying it from FoodPanda made it more eazy.

  • They were friendly ... they help me too choose good & spicy pizza ...